India Democracy and Development Study Materials 2020 – Download Unit wise PDFs & Imp Questions


Download India Democracy and Development Study Materials 2020. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Social Studies. This subject is very important for students of Master of  Arts in Sociology. This subject covers the topics of Political Economy of Development, Constitution and Social Transformation, Regional Imbalances, etc. Through this article, you can download Unit wise PDFs, Chapters, Topics, and Important Questions. Read the below article, to download the material PDFs.

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India - Democracy and Development Study Materials - Download Study Books PDF

India Democracy and Development Study Materials PDF

Name of the Subject India: Democracy and Development
Category Social Studies
Useful for Master of Arts in Sociology
Course Type Post Graduation Courses
Article on Study Materials 2020
Study Material Format PDF
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Chapters & Topics

Book I 

  • Legacy of National Movement With Reference To Development, Rights and Participation
  • Debate on Models of Development
  • Constitution and Social Transformation
  • Diversity and Pluralism
  • Inequality: Caste and Class
  • Political Economy of Development
  • Structure and Growth of Economy (Poverty, Surplus and Unevenness)  –
  • Legislature
  • Bureaucracy, Police and Army
  • Legal System and Judiciary
  • Federalism
  • Devolution of Powers and Local Self-Government
  • Political Parties and Political Participation
  • Workers and Peasant Movements in India
  • Media and Public Policy
  • Interest Groups and Policy Making
  • Identity Politics in India (Caste, Religion, Language and Ethnicity)
  • Civil Societies: Social Movements, Ngo’s and Voluntary Action

Book II 

  • Human Development: Health, Education and Social Security
  • Gender and Development
  • Regional Imbalances
  • Migration and Development
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Economic Reforms and Globalisation
  • Religious Politics
  • Ethnicity and Nation-State
  • Democracy and Development in India: An Assessment

Democracy and Growth Study Books

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India: Democracy and Development Click Here

Indian Society and Democracy Study Notes

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Democracy and Development Click Here

Subject to the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students of Master of Arts in Sociology. The following university students can also download these materials :

  • Delhi University
  • Alagappa University
  • Calcutta University

Subject in the Semesters

India Democracy and Development subject will be studied in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • MA Sociology II Semester

Unit wise PDFs

Here we have mentioned India Democracy and Development study materials. Click on the below link to download it :

Units  Download Links 
Book I Download
Book II Click Here 

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important questions in India Democracy and Development subject :

  • What was Gandhi’s contribution to economic thinking in the Indian national movement?
  • Discuss the evolution of socialist thinking in the Indian national movement.
  • Discuss the circumstances leading to split in the Indian labour movement.
  • What was the debate on control and planning at the time of Independence?
  • What place do ‘the people’ have in the Indian Constitution?
  • How much transformational potential exists in the Directive Principles of State?
  • Write short notes on (1) Democracy and Development in the post-colonial societies (2) Democracy as a form of good governance.
  • Describe Political Democracy and Economic Development in India: 1967- 1990?
  • What is the agenda of the theories of the political economy of development (PED)? What are the important aspects of PED?
  • What is meant by poverty line? Explain with reference to India.
  • Write short notes on (1) Role of the President in the legislative process. (2) State legislature.
  • What is Parliamentary Sovereignty?
  • What are the challenges the police face in balancing the social changes?
  • Summarise the role of police in its relations with the legislature, executive and judiciary?
  • Briefly explain the origin and evolution of judiciary in India.
  • Describe the working of the federal system in India.
  • Explain the limitations of the Amendments relating to the Panchayat System.
  • What is the impact of political participation on the political parties – in India?
  • Trace the history of the working-class movements in the pre-independent era.
  • What are public policies, and what role do they play in the Development?
  • How does the process of globalization influence development?
  • Define an interest group. How and why are they formed?
  • What are the characteristics of interest groups?
  • Analyze the role of new social movements in promoting the values of sustainable development and the empowerment of marginalized communities.

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