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Download Financial Administration Study Materials 2020. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Social Sciences. This subject will come mostly for MA Public Administration. You can download these books from our Exams Time website that are free of cost. We have provided the materials for the important aspects of Budgeting and Budgetary, Financial Control, Accounts and Audit, etc. Arts students can download these Study Materials which will be useful for their Exam Preparation.

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Financial Administration Study Materials - Download E-Books PDF

Financial Administration Study Materials

Name of the Subject Financial Administration 
Category Social Sciences
Useful for MA 
Course Type Post Graduation Courses
Article on Study Materials 2020
Study Material Format PDF
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Chapters & Topics

Financial Administration : Basic and Objectives

  • Centre-State Financial Relations-II
  • Centre-State Financial Relations-I
  • Mixed Economy
  • Objectives and Principles of Financial Administration
  • Nature and Scope of Financial Administration

Budgeting and Budgetary Systems-I

  • Indian Budgetary System
  • Government Budgeting : Principles and Functions
  • Fiscal Policy, Equity and Social Justice

Budgeting and Budgetary Systems-II

  • Zero Base Budgeting
  • Performance Budgeting
  • Public Expenditure: Theories and Growth
  • Classification of Government Expenditure

Resource Mobilisation

  • Public Debt Management and Role of Reserve Bank of India
  • Deficit Financing
  • Sources of Revenue : Tax and Non-Tax

Investment of Public Funds

  • Economic and Social Appraisal
  • Financial Appraisal

Financial Control

  • Executive Control
  • System of Financial Committees
  • Legislative Control

Accounts and Audit

  • Role of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)
  • Auditing System in India
  • Accounting System in India

Financial Administration of Public Enterprises

  • Financial Autonomy and Accountability of Public Enterprises
  • Financial Administration of Public Enterprises

Local Finance

  • Financial Administration of Rural Governments
  • Financial Administration of Urban Governments

Finance Administration Study Books

Subject  Download Links 
Finance Administration Download 
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Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in BA, MA. The following university students can also download Financial Administration study materials :

  • Rai Technology University
  • University of Calicut
  • NIILM University

Subject in the Semesters

Financial Administration subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • MA Public Administration II Year

Unit wise PDFs

Download Unit wise PDFs of Financial Administration subject :

Units  Download Links 
Financial Administration : Basic and Objectives Download 
Budgeting and Budgetary Systems-I Click Here 
Budgeting and Budgetary Systems-II Download 
Resource Mobilization Click Here 
Investment of Public Funds Download 
Accounts and Audit Click Here 
Financial Control Download 
Financial Administration of Public Enterprises Click Here 
Local Finance Click Here 

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important questions of  Financial Administration subject :

  • Explain the meaning of Financial Administration.
  • Why has the revise of financial administration become significant in recent times?
  • What are the objectives which are reflected in the fiscal policies of the developing countries?
  • What are the fundamental concerns -of financial administration which transcend politico-economic compulsions?
  • Explain the general features of budgeting systems.
  • What is the central concern of fiscal policy? What are the major characteristics of government finance that fiscal policy is concerned with?
  • Indicate the significant objectives of fiscal policy.
  • Discuss the troubles and benefits in implementation of zero base budgeting system.
  • Discuss the performance budgeting system in India.
  • Explain how public expenditure policies and measures affect dissimilar characteristics of the economy.
  • Explain the meaning of Government expenditure. Distinguish flanked by ‘revenue’ and ‘capital’ expenditure.
  • Explain the significance of Economic and Cross Classification of government expenditure.

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