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Download Ancient and Medieval Societies Study Materials 2020. In this article, we are going to provide the Study Notes for Social Science. Students of MA, BA in History can download these Study Materials which will be useful for their Exam Preparation. Our website Exams Time has come up with the best materials for the main concepts of Early Human Societies, Bronze Age Civilization, Feudalism, Medieval World, Pre-Modern World, etc. Continue reading the below article to download the study books.

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Ancient and Medieval Societies Study Materials - Download Study Notes PDF

Ancient and Medieval Societies Study Materials

Name of the Subject Ancient and Medieval Societies 
Category Social Sciences
Useful for MA, BA in History 
Course Type Under Graduation & Post Graduation Courses
Article on Study Materials 2020
Study Material Format PDF
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Chapters & Topics

Early Human Societies

  • Hunting and Gathering
  • Pastoral Nomadism
  • Transition to Agriculture
  • The Neolithic Revolution
  • Implications for the World

Bronze Age Civilization

  • Cultural and Natural Settings of the Early Civilizations
  • Technological Foundations and Socio-Economic Parameters
  • Writing and Artistic Expression
  • The Social Structure Reconstructed

Formation of States and Empire

  • Formation of States and Empires – A General Introduction
  • The Persian Empire
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Roman Empire

Alternative Social Formations

  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Nomadic Empires

Religion, State and Society

  • The Late Roman World
  • The Arab World
  • China


  • Debates on Feudalism
  • Feudalism: Forms and Structures
  • Phases of Feudalism
  • Trade and the Decline of Feudalism

Trade and Commerce in the Medieval World

  • Oceanic Trade
  • Business Communities
  • Commercial Practices
  • Craft Production

Medieval World in Transition

  • Science and Technologies and Expansion of Knowledge
  • Religious Establishment
  • Transition to Modern World

Pre-modern World: An Overview

  • Trends and Transition in Population
  • Urbanism
  • Technologies of Warefare and Communication
  • Kinship Pattern and Family Structure

Ancient and Medieval Societies Study Books

Subject  Download Links 
Ancient and Medieval History Culture Click Here

Subject in the Universities

This subject will be useful to the students who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Master of Arts (History). The following university students can also download Ancient and Medieval Societies study materials : 

  • University of Calcutta
  • University of Calicut
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • MG University

Subject in the Semesters

Ancient and Medieval History Culture subject will be studied by the students in the following semesters of their respective courses :

  • MA History II Semester
  • BA History III Semester

Unit wise PDFs

Download Unit wise PDFs of Ancient and Medieval Societies subject :

Units  Download Links 
Early Human Societies Download 
Bronze Age Civilization Click Here 
Formation of States and Empire Download 
Alternative Social Formations Click Here 
Religion, State and Society Download 
Feudalism Click Here 
Trade and Commerce in the Medieval World Download 
Medieval World in Transition Download 
Pre-modern World: An Overview Click Here 

Important Questions

We have mentioned some of the important questions of Ancient and Medieval Societies subject :

  • Discuss in brief the evolution of hominids to Homo sapiens stage?
  • Write a short note on the habitats of upper Palaeolithic people.
  • What were the means of subsistence of Palaeolithic people?
  • What sort of art forms are found in the Palaeolithic culture?
  • Briefly analyze the economy of pastoral nomads.
  • Write a short not on the domestication of animals.
  • What do you understand by climatic stress Model? How is it different from Demographic Model?
  • Give a brief account of early agriculture in South-West Asia.
  • How are Neolithic tools different from late Paleolithic?
  • How did Neolithic society influence their belief system?
  • Discuss in brief the consequences of agriculture.
  • Compare agricultural production of Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations?
  • Discuss the main characteristic features of early empires?
  • Who were patricians? How they managed to dominate plebeians in Roman Society?

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