SBI Clerk Preparation Tips 2018 – Complete Subject Wise Study Plan

How To Prepare For SBI Clerk Exam 2018

State Bank of India has released the SBI Clerk official notification recently. If you are interested in the post, you can apply until 10th February 2018. The online application procedure started on 20th January 2018. The exam will be held sometime in the month of March/April 2018. After that, the results will be announced on their official website. The Mains exam will be held on 12th May 2018. To crack the exam, you must be prepared in the best possible manner to be two steps ahead of the others. So, here we are with a list of SBI Clerk preparation tips for you to crack the exam.


How to Prepare for SBI Clerk 2018?

What are the best ways for preparing of SBI clerk 2018? All the answers are there in the following article.

The banking sector is the most preferable and likable sector where each and every person wants to do the job, be it any student, be it any person in his/her 30s or be it a retired officer. The banking sector is safe as well and also the working employees are considered to be the most alert group as they have to deal with numbers and currency.

What is required mainly? It is preparation. Preparation for SBI clerk exam in right way and right direction will always bring the success.

Firstly, there is a need to understand the base for the preparation means what is the pattern of the SBI junior associate exam 2018 and what would be the syllabus for which the candidate would go for preparation.

The aspirants would be provided with other tips and tricks as well for SBI Bank Clerk preparation. Secondly, the complete knowledge to any point which is a basic requirement in preparation.


SBI Clerk 2018 Exam Pattern

The SBI Bank Clerk Syllabus with Exam Pattern is very well explained. The exam is conducted in two phases. One is preliminary and the second phase is mains examination.

These both tests are conducted and the aspirants or candidates who qualify the preliminary exam would be eligible to appear for mains examination. For qualifying, SBI would decide the cutoffs as well for different categories so that it should be cleared for all categories.


1. SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern

Preliminary exam: The first phase of the exam is the preliminary exam which would be conducted online. The test would be objective type and it is a one-hour test. This is further divided into 3 sections which are assigned to the different number of questions and marks. The total number of questions in the preliminary exam is 100 and total marks would also be 100 means each question carries one mark.

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarksTime
English Language303020 minutes
Numerical Ability353520 minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
Total10010060 minutes

As this is an objective type, there would be definitely negative marking as well. In negative marking, one-fourth mark would be deducted for every wrong answer and no mark would be deducted for no response. The candidate needs to qualify in all the three sections as per the cutoff.

The three sections are English language, numerical ability, and reasoning ability. The number of questions is divided into 30, 35, 35. Total time to complete this would be 1 hour.


2. SBI Clerk Mains Exam Pattern

Mains examination: The second phase of the exam is mains examination which would be conducted online. The test would be of objective type and it would be time frame 2 hours 40 minutes. The exam is further divided into 4 sections with the different number of questions and different marks and also different time is also allotted to complete the exam.

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarksTime
English Language404035 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude505045 minutes
Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude506045 minutes
General (Financial) Awareness505025 minutes
Total1902002 hours and 40 minutes

The cutoffs would be decided by the bank and candidate needs to qualify in each of the section by securing qualifying marks.

The total number of questions in the exam would be 190 and total marks for the exam is 200. As this is an objective test, the marking scheme for the exam would be negative marking scheme where one-fourth mark would be deducted for every wrong answer and no deduction for no response.


SBI Clerk Preparation Tips 2018

Although candidates are well versed in the techniques and tactics they need to follow for the Online preparation of SBI Clerk exam but still, some very useful tips and suggestions are provided below for the preparation.

1. Improve Reading Skills

2. Knowing Proper syllabus

3. Regular practice

4. The arrangement of resource

5. Proper Time management

6. Attempt questions carefully

7. Mock test papers

8. Avoid lengthy questions

9. Be confident

10. Remain Stress-free

11. Take enough sleep

12. Avoid blind guessing


♦ Reading Skills: In some sections, such as English section and general awareness section, the knowledge for the current affairs and new things such as vocabulary, synonyms, and antonyms etc. is required which could only be developed by reading the newspapers daily, magazines and other good stuff. The reading speed with accuracy would be a hit.

♦ Get through the syllabus: Candidate must go through the syllabus very well so that there should not be any miscommunication. The candidate must be well versed in the structure of the exam and must know what the syllabus is and should cover each and every topic which is mentioned in the syllabus booklet released by SBI.

♦ Regular practice: Practice makes a man perfect. Regularity principle is applicable in each and every situation of life. So regular practice would definitely make a large difference during the examination. This would help the candidate to attempts the questions in very well structured manner.

♦ The arrangement of resource: Before the SBI Clerk exam preparation, the candidate must collect all the required resources for preparation such as books, syllabus, practice papers, notes etc. The doubts should be clarified on time in order to avoid any discrepancy. Group study is quite helpful for this as each and every candidate would get help from other candidates.

♦ Time management: This is the most important thing for the preparation of exam. The candidate must make the time management for SBI Clerk  program according to which he/ she should organize all their topics so that they can give the appropriate time to all the areas of the exam and no topic should be left.

♦ Attempt questions carefully: The candidate must have a good presence of mind while attempting the exam. The focus should of be only on an exam and nowhere else. Misreading the question would lead to mark deduction in case it is attempted wrongly. Read properly all the questions while attempting.

♦ Be confident: While attempting the exam, confidence is most important. The questions in which a candidate is confident about the answer should be attempted and accuracy is also to be maintained. In case if a candidate is not able to attempt one question, he/she should not waste time on that and must proceed further so that time should be wasted on that particular question only.

♦ Avoid lengthy questions: Candidate must attempt the questions which are short and don’t require much time. The tricky questions could be attempted at last once all the questions in a particular section get completed at least once. This would help a candidate to manage the time in the exam so as to attempt or at least read or have a look at all the questions.

♦ Remain Stress-free: Stress is that evil which will bring you down even if you have prepared well for the exam. So remain stress-free during the examination as stress would directly affect the performance in the exam. It will lower the confidence level and dampen the spirit for the exam and even if you know that you are capable to answer that question, increased stress level will not let you do that.

♦ Take enough sleep: Sleep deprivation would affect the performance in the exam. The candidate would not be able to perform well in case of sleep deprivation. Mind relaxation and body relaxation is required before the exam which could be only achieved by proper sleep.

♦ Avoid blind guessing: If the candidate is not aware of the answer, should leave that question and proceed further as negative marking would affect and lower the marks.

♦ Mock test papers: Practice more and more with SBI clerk mock test papers which will boost the confidence level and make candidate aware of the exam structure.


Numerical Ability Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Time & work, Time & separation, Rate, Profit & loss, Mixture, Stocks & shares, Partnership, Clocks, Volume, Surface area, Tables, Pie – Charts, Bar Graphs, Data Analysis, Line Graphs, Caselets, Combined data sets, Probability, Series, Roots, Average, Ratio, Height & distances, Permutation & combination, Simple & compound interest, Equations and probability, Number System, Simplification, Surds & Indices, Percentages, Partnership, Chain rule, Pipes & Cisterns, Time & Distances, Problems on trains, Boats & streams, Allegation & mixtures, Mensuration, Permutations & combinations

Reasoning Ability Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Analogies, Seating Arrangement, Puzzle, Data sufficiency, Blood Relations, Sequential output tracing, Visual reasoning, Directions and arrangements (circular arrangements), Codes (sentence coding), Critical reasoning, Syllogism, Inequality or Decision Making, Input/Output, Passage and Arguments, Coding-Decoding, Order & Ranking, Making Judgments


English Language Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Brief writing, Sentence structure, Series completion, Sentence Completion, Grammar, Idioms and Phrases, Passage Completion, Deriving Conclusions, Theme Detection, Deriving Conclusions, Error Detection, Deriving Conclusions


Computer Knowledge Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Computer Hardware/Software, Operating Systems, Shortcut keys, MS Office, Internet and Networking, Security Concepts, Abbreviations, News on Major Tech giants and IT companies


General Awareness  Syllabus for SBI Clerk

Banking and Financial Awareness, Static Awareness, Current Affairs, Indian Constitution, Economic News, Sports, History, Geography, Current Affairs on National and International events, Defense, Summits, Appointments, Books and Authors


SBI Clerk Preparation Strategy

1. SBI Clerk English Section Preparation Strategy

English Language: The main point for increasing English grasping is reading the English newspaper. Try to increase the vocabulary by reading new things and new words from the dictionary and try the questions for synonyms and antonyms as well. The regularity will help to develop the skill for reading, speaking, understanding and writing English.

TopicsHow to prepare
        ·      Synonyms and Antonyms

·         Word formation

·         Sentence completion/correction

·         Comprehensions and Unseen                  passages

·         Error detection

·         Passage correction

·         Spelling

·         Problems on English Grammar

·          Idioms

·         Phrases

·         Practice Comprehension passagesand unseen passages form online and offline sources.

·         Read English Grammar books and online material to understand terminologies.

·         Take free Online mock tests to note your mistakes and time.


2. SBI Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

Quantitative Aptitude: This section contains the mathematical calculations and problems which could be solved using paper. For this section, practice is most important. Regular practice for the questions and problems would be one way to sort out the problems.

TopicsHow to prepare
        ·         Number system

·         Simplifications

·         Percentages

·         Profit & Loss

·         Ratio & Proportion

·         Time & Work

·         Time & Distances

·         Problems on Trains

·         Boats & Streams

·         Simple Interest

·         Compound Interest

·         Volume & Surface Area

·         Permutations & Combinations

·         Heights & Distances

·         Get mathematics books of class 8th till 12th and start practicing on daily basis.

·         Take online mock tests topic-wise.


3. SBI Clerk Reasoning and Computer Aptitude Preparation Strategy

♦ Reasoning section: This section is containing the questions which test the mental ability and observing power. Regular working is the one key to crack this section. The observation power should be very keen and it would be developed in mind with regular practice of the number of questions.

♦ Computer Aptitude: This section deals with the basic knowledge of the computers. The knowledge such as hardware operating system concepts, keyboard shortcuts, MS word, excel, MS power point, internets etc. This could be only gained by reading basic computer knowledgeable books.

TopicsHow to prepare
♦ Computer Topics:

Ø  Operating System

Ø  Computer H/W and S/W terms

Ø  Computer Shortcuts

Ø  MS Office

Ø  knowledge of Internet & Networks

Ø  Security Systems

Ø  Latest Technologies


♦ Reasoning Topics:

Ø  Analogy

Ø  Blood relations

Ø  Seating arrangements

Ø  Series completion

Ø  Syllogisms

Ø  Series

Ø  Directions





·         Practice (online and offline) reasoning topics consistently.

·         Work on reasoning shortcuts and tricks.

·         Read journals and magazines based on computer knowledge published by the government.


4. SBI Clerk GK and Financial Awareness Preparation Strategy

General/ Financial awareness: This section deals with the general knowledge or general awareness along with financial knowledge as well. The key to crack this section is only one that is getting in touch with all the current affairs.

The general knowledge could also be increased by watching the news, reading the newspaper, reading many books as possible. For financial awareness, go for marketing aptitude, economy, banking and financial details and news.

TopicsHow to prepare
        ·         Marketing and Banking terms

·         Indian Economy

·         Finance Domain Concepts

·         Sports

·         History

·         Geography

·         Indian Culture, Constitution/laws

·         Research & Technology

·         Famous personalities

·         Renowned Awards

·         Current discoveries

        ·         Subscribe to GK magazines like India Today and newspapers such as Economics Times

·         Download GK and finance based applications that provide knowledge on daily basis.

·         Take free online mock tests.


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