Quant Exercise 06 – Average (Part-II)


Exercise 02


Q1. The average weight of 3 men Anish, Manu, Rahul is 84 kg. If Suman joins them the average becomes 80kg. If Vikrant, whose weight is 3 kg more than that of Suman, replaces Anish, then the average weight of Manu, Rahul, Suman, and Vikrant becomes 79kg. The Anish weigh?
A. 72
B. 75
C. 78
D. 80


Q2. A cricketer has an average score of 58 runs in nine innings. Find out how many runs are to be scored by him in the tenth innings to have an average of 61.
A. 88
B. 92
C. 96
D. 98


Q3. The mean of five numbers is 28. If one of the numbers is excluded, the mean gets reduced by 2. Find
the excluded number.
A. 33
B. 36
C. 39
D. 42


Q4. Dipa finds the average of 10 two 2 digit numbers. If she interchanges the digits of one number (like 18 for 81) she finds average decreases by 1.8 from original. What was the difference of the two digits of the number?
A. 8
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1


Q5. The average of four consecutive even numbers is 27. find the largest of these numbers?
A. 19
B. 27
C. 30
D. 41


Q6. If there are two sections A and B of a class consisting of 36 and 44 students respectively. If the average weight of section A is 40kg and that of section B is 35kg, find the average weight of the whole class?
A. 19
B. 28.5
C. 37.25
D. 46.25


Q7. Nine persons went to a hotel for taking their meals 8 of them spent Rs.12 each on their meals and the ninth spent Rs.8 more than the average expenditure of all the nine.What was the total money spent by them?
A. 117
B. 132
C. 143
D. 154


Q8. If the mean of five observations x, x + 4, x + 6, x + 8 and x + 12 is 16, find the value of x.
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 15


Q9. Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. If the average of the three numbers is 44.Find the largest number.
A. 61
B. 72
C. 83
D. 94


Q10. The average of 25 result is 18.The average of 1st 12 of them is 14 & that of last 12is 17. Find the 13th result.
A. 61
B. 72
C. 78
D. 84


Q11. The Average of 11 results is 60, if the average of the 1st 6 results is 58 & that of thelast 63. Find the6th result.
A. 41
B. 52
C. 66
D. 74


Q12. The mean of eight numbers is 37. If 17 is subtracted from each number, what will be the new mean?
A. 16
B. 18
C. 20
D. 22


Q13. If the average of 5 observation x, x + 2, x + 4, x + 6 and x + 8 is 11, then the average of the last three observation is?
A. 11
B. 13
C. 15
D. 17


Q14. The mean weight of a company of 35 employees is 45 kg. If the weight of the owner of company is included, the average weight increases by ½ kg. Find the weight of the teacher.
A. 61
B. 62
C. 63
D. 64


Q15. The mean weight of a group of seven members is 56 kg. The individual weights of six of them are 52, 57, 55, 60, 59 and 55 kilograms . Find the weight of the seventh member.
A. 48
B. 50
C. 52
D. 54 kg

Q16. Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50?
A. 31
B. 37
C. 39.8
D. 41


Q17. Find the average of first 40 natural numbers?
A. 10.5
B. 20.5
C. 23.5
D. 24


Q18. Find the average of first 20 multiples of 7?
A. 73.5
B. 82.7
C. 93.8
D. 104


Q19. The average of a non-zero number and its square is 5 times the number. The number is?
A. 9
B. 18
C. 27
D. 36


Q20. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 20. The largest of these numbers is?
A. 21
B. 22
C. 23
D. 24


Q21. The average of five consecutive odd numbers is 61. What is the difference between the highest and lowest numbers?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10


Q22. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 38 more than the average of these numbers. What is the first of these numbers?
A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20


Q23. The average age of the males in a company is 36 years and that of the females is 35 years. The average age of the employees of the company is
A. 15 years
B. 15.5 years
C. 16 years
D. none


Q24. The average annual income (in Rs.) of certain agricultural workers is S and that of other workers is T. The number of agriculture workers is 11 times that of other workers. Then the average monthly income (in Rs.) of all the workers is?
A. S + T⁄2
B. 11S + T⁄12
C. 1 +⁄11ST
D. S + 11T⁄2


Q25. A family consists of grandparents, parents and three grandchildren. The average age of the grandparents is 67 years, that of the parent is 35 years and that of the grandchildren is 6 years. What is the average age of the family?
A. 222⁄7
B. 230/7
C. 251⁄7
D. None




Q1.  BQ2.  AQ3.  BQ4.  CQ5. C
Q6.  CQ7.  AQ8.  AQ9.  BQ10.  C
Q11.  CQ12.  CQ13.  BQ14.  CQ15.  D
Q16.  CQ17.  BQ18.  AQ19.  AQ20.  C
Q21.  BQ22.  AQ23.  DQ24.  BQ25.  A

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