IBPS Clerk Mains Exam: English Practice Time

English Practice Time

In each of the following questions four words are given of which two words are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and indicate the number of the correct combination.

A. Proximate
B. Elevated
C. Nimble
D. Agile

A. A-B
B. B-C
C. A-C
D. B-D
E. C-D


Correct Answer: E
(A) Proximate – nearest or next, without anything between a cause and its effect.
(B) Elevated – dignified, elated, grand, high, lofty, noble, raised, sublime
(C) Nimble – active, agile, alert, brisk, deft, light-footed, lively, ready
(D) Agile – active, adroit, brisk, clever, quick, sharp, swift, spy
Hence C-D bear same meaning

A. Notion
B. Symbol
C. Concept
D. Massage

A. A-B
B. B-C
C. A-C
D. C-D
E. B-D


Correct Answer: C
(A) Notion – apprehension, belief, concept, fancy, image, judgment, knowledge
(B) Symbol – badge, emblem, image, logo, representation, token, type
(C) Concept – abstraction conception, construct, idea, image, type, view
(D) Massage – rubbing, kneading, manipulation, rub-down
Hence, A-C bear same meaning

A. Limpid
B. Luscious
C. Acrid
D. Benign

A. A-B
B. B-C
C. C-D
D. B-D
E. A-C


Correct Answer: B
(A) Limpid – bright, clear, comprehensible, crystal-clear, glassy, intelligible, pure
(B) Luscious – appetizing, delicious, desirable, juicy, sweet, tasty
(C) Acrid – acid, acrimonious, bitter, sharp, burning, pungent, sarcastic
(D) Benign – amiable, benevolent, friendly, genial, gentle, good, gracious
Hence, B-C bear opposite meanings.

A. Asinine
B. Furious
C. Fortunate
D. Ridiculous

A. A-D
B. A-B
C. A-C
D. B-C
E. B-D


Correct Answer: A
(A) Asinine –of or like an ass, idiotic
(B) Furious – angry, boiling, enraged, fierce, mad, violent, stormy
(C) Fortunate – Advantageous, blessed, bright, Lucy, happy, successful, felicitous
(D) Ridiculous – absurd, comical, derisory, farcical, foolish, funny, stupid, ludicrous
Hence, A-D bear the same meaning.

A. Companion
B. Amateur
C. Adapt
D. Antagonist

A. B-C
B. B-D
C. C-D
D. A-B
E. A-D


Correct Answer: E
(A) companion – accomplice, assistant, associate fellow, mate, partner
(B) Amateur-buff, dabbler, dilettante, ham, layman, non-professional
(C) Adept – able, accomplished, adroit, versed, skilled, proficient, practiced nimble.
(D) Antagonist-adversary, rival
Hence, A-D bear opposite meanings.