English Vocabulary : Word of the Day illicit

English Vocabulary : Word of the Day illicit
illicit – अनुचित, अवैध, गैरकानूनी, नाजायज, ग़ैरकानूनी |


 against the law, against the rules,  clandestine,  criminal, felonious, forbidden, illegal, illegitimate, impermissible,  lawbreaking, outlawed, prohibited, unacceptable, unauthorized, unlawful, unsanctioned.


above board, legal, licit.


illicit in a sentence:
  • Illicit liquor factory unearthed in UP.
  • The announcement comes after French prosecutors confirmed their suspicions that the illicit payment was made to a secret account.
  • During the last six years, the illicit segment has grown by 43 per cent and the tax-paid cigarette volume has declined by 11 per cent.



Mnemonic trick to remember the meaning:

  • illicit = ill + city (doing ill to city -> illicit drugs)


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